Saturday, October 2, 2010

Relaxation through A Clean Kitchen

There is an insurmountable joy in waking up to a kitchen with no dirty dishes. Now granted they aren’t all put away but they are clean, drying in the dish drainer or counter and waiting to be placed in the cabinets. The counters are wiped down, the sink is clean, the coffee pot is set for 5:30am, the stovetop has been cleaned and buffed and my lovely jar candle is glowing and sending it’s scent across the kitchen as I type.

So now I’m off to read a little before bed and know that I’ll wake up to a nice neat kitchen.


  1. Love it!! You have a beautiful kitchen. My hubby thinks I'm crazy for running around after the kids are in bed even though I'm dead tired, cleaning up the kitchen/living room, making coffee for the morning, and doing dishes. He doesn't understand how it ruins my day if I wake up to a mess, but it totally makes my day if I get a fresh, clean start! Have a great weekend!

  2. Honestly I HATE my kitchen. It needs new floor and new counters (tile counters are nasty to keep clean). Also needs a fresh coat of paint. I do however love my window over the sink and my stainless steel appliances (well except the dishwasher - waiting for that to die before I replace it)