Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Steps Forward - One Step Back

Isn't that always the case....especially when it comes to homemaking? Yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty smug and finally back on top of my game. DD had been back to school for three days and DS was napping. I managed to finally put away the 4 loads of laundry that were folded in various safe spots around the house, purged the entryway of all the snow gear and baked a banana bread and ricotta cake.

This afternoon DS refused to nap, the clothesline broke and I had to pluck all my laundry off the ground and out of the pricker bush. My plan for reorganizing my kitchen cupboards was far too ambitious. I did get one cabinet purged but instead of being able to reorganize it I had to just put back in the things I plan to keep until I can get to the next cabinet and reorganize the two in conjunction.

I still have to assemble dinner and get it into the oven rather soon.

On a good note....I took a walk today and got a shower. I guess that makes it a sucessful day for most moms huh?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Mail Freebies

I recently started doing sampling online and have been getting some neat things in the mail as well as some great coupons. I will share the links as I get and use them but for a sneak peek on what I've already requested see below.

Today in the mail I got the following freebies:

The sites I've gotten my links from so far have been -

Money Saving Mom

Saving Money Blog

Do any of you do any kind of free sampling or e-mailing companies for coupons?

A little background

I've been home now for almost 11 months after being laid off from a 20 year career with a major telecomm company. Most days I'm really cool with this....some days I'm totally terrified.

Today I swing back and forth. My unemployment runs out in one more week. I have recently collected my severance which consists of one year's pay after taxes. Our goal was to save as much of this lump sum as possible. My oldest child is in 1/2 day kindergarten and my youngest isn't even potty trained yet. I don't see it a great financial boon for me to go back to work full time with daycare costs and the fact that the income I was used to earning won't be attainable right now. Also my heart has really started lodging itself here at home.

I committed myself to babysitting the boys next door two days a week starting in two weeks - it keeps my kids out of daycare and will bring in a bit of money. There are 4 of them ages 11 months to 7 - add my two to the mix. I might be insane within a months time.

The name of my blog is really what my life is about right now....Finding My Way at Home. Trials and tribulations of potty training, grocery savings, laundry, finances, raising children and keeping my sanity.

Hello to all of you who share in my journey.