Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two Steps Forward - One Step Back

Isn't that always the case....especially when it comes to homemaking? Yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty smug and finally back on top of my game. DD had been back to school for three days and DS was napping. I managed to finally put away the 4 loads of laundry that were folded in various safe spots around the house, purged the entryway of all the snow gear and baked a banana bread and ricotta cake.

This afternoon DS refused to nap, the clothesline broke and I had to pluck all my laundry off the ground and out of the pricker bush. My plan for reorganizing my kitchen cupboards was far too ambitious. I did get one cabinet purged but instead of being able to reorganize it I had to just put back in the things I plan to keep until I can get to the next cabinet and reorganize the two in conjunction.

I still have to assemble dinner and get it into the oven rather soon.

On a good note....I took a walk today and got a shower. I guess that makes it a sucessful day for most moms huh?

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