Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - October 5th

Overall I did really well sticking to last week’s menu plan. Monday’s Honey Mustard Chicken wasn’t that great but since homemade bread was on the menu for Wednesday that night was a big hit. Friday night ended up being tomato soup and grilled cheese as DH was working pretty late and the London Broil wasn’t worth wasting on the kids. The tag sale on Saturday was cancelled due to rain so I did the London Broil that night instead of Friday.

What I like about menu planning is that it gives me options for the entire week. If I choose to rearrange the order of my plan because ‘life’ got in the way one day, it is still easier than being clueless. I also find it helps keep my grocery spending in line as I plan around what I have on hand. Yes on occasion I will go grab something extra as I have an idea that just needs a little something I don’t have in stock. But overall menu planning seems to reduce my stress level and my grocery budget.

Have you given menu planning a try? What works for you and what obstacles do you find yourself fighting to overcome when it comes to creating and sticking to a menu plan?

Here’s what on the table at our house this week:

Sunday – Dinner at a Friend’s House
MondayCrockpot Ribs, Salad, Mashed Potatoes
Tuesday – Sirloin Tips, Noodles, Brocoli
WednesdayChicken Baked in Cream of Chicken Soup , Rice, Green Beans
Thursday – Dance Class Night and Dinner Out – DH hasn’t been to DD’s dance class yet this year so we’re all going to go watch and then head to THE 99 RESTAURANT for dinner with my $5 off coupon.
Friday – Ham Steaks, Pasta Alfredo, Broccoli
Saturday – Hamburger Helper Beef Pasta, Green Beans (ok, yes my family likes some HH once in a while. I keep them on hand and when I buy ground beef I separate it into ¾ lb packs to use for HH or to toss into pasta. I’m not a super chef – I do what I need to do to get my family to eat, provide something quick and easy, and keep my budget in line.)

For more excellent ideas on menu planning check out the Menu Planning Monday thread on


  1. Are biggest challenge is going from a large food budget and eating out 2-3 times a week to $300 a month and no eating out.
    My husband and I were let go in August, just started getting unemployment and living off savings.
    We just got approved for food stamps today so that should help out. Our 6ft 5 inch son can eat a whole chicken so it's been rough.
    You have a yummy meal planned.

  2. Best wishes to yo Rona. It is hard to drastically change your lifestyle like that. Hoping that the foodstamps and unemployment assistance can get you and your family by until you are able to find employment

  3. Thank you Dawn for all the supportive words. My husband has found work at Kmart. And we found a clinic that has a sliding fee scale program. That helps alot when you have fibro and migraines.