Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After Vacation Chaos

Re-entry to real life after vacation sure is a lot of work. Most of that work seems to be laundry. I have been washing and hanging out clothes non-stop for the past three days. Of course have I put any of them away yet??? Noooo…..

Today is a cloudy showery day here so I’m going to take a break with the washing and get all these clean clothes put away. My To Do list is a mile long and while I’ve been busy working hard the past two days I feel like I’m spinning in circles and accomplishing little. It’s time to make a plan that focuses on fewer tasks. And then actually follow them through to completion.

Today I am going COMPLETE the following tasks:
  • Put away all clean clothes – and require help from the kids with theirs
  • Prep Tossed Salad and Cut Up Veggies
  • Clear my ‘desk’ aka countertop of all mail, papers, etc – sort by priority
  • Start tackling the paperwork that needs action – I know I can’t finish this today
  • Get Birthday Cards and a gift for my daughter from her little brother

While I’m tempted to add to this list I’m not. I have a second list going of things that need to get done but I’m not going to focus on them today. If I come across other things throughout the day I will add them to the second list for action another day.
Now it’s time I walk away from the computer and get going. On a positive note I already took a half hour walk this morning at 5:30am. With both kids home it seems that this is the only time I can get in my exercise and burn off some steam.

Wish me luck on having a productive day. Hope yours is as well!



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