Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imagine Nation

On Sunday we took the kids to Imagine Nation Children's Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. It was a great time....for all 4 of us ranging in age from 3 through 41. Admission was only $5.00 per person and there were lots of hands on activities. They have a cafe in the front lobby where you can get ice cream and lunch - and also families are able to bring their own. We opted to picnic in a park across the street that had a playscape as well.

This photo below is DH's personal favorite. He watches ESPN's Sports Center every morning. Bristol is ESPN's home headquarters. If you wanted you could do a video cast and get it recorded for an additional $6.00.

Here's the sand pendulum....of course little man just wanted to keep shoveling sand and couldn't careless how the pendulum worked.

There was also a very cool water exhibit. It had a fishing tank where the kids 'caught' magnetic fish and boats. There was also a real neat huge bubble ring that I wish I got a photo of. Here's our two water painting.

Imagine Nation was a great family outing and a great value. I definitely see us going again this summer.

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