Thursday, February 4, 2010

Additional Income Required

This May I will have been out of work for 2 years. My unemployment has run out and the one year severance I received is being tapped far too quickly. It's time for me to get serious about supplementing my husband's paycheck with some income of my own.

My goal in earning income is to minimize my 'cost of working'. Costs of working include; daycare, clothing, gasoline, lunches, and less time to bargain shop and prepare meals.  It is also important to me to maintain balance in our home and for our children.  I want my kids to know that mom is here for them before and after school.   I want them to be able to stay home when they are sick and to experience summer vacations.  I want my husband to have the flexibility to work overtime when it's available - something that increases his income tremendously.

Monday morning I have an appointment at the local school bus company to apply for a job as a driver. My work days and times will match those of my daughter's school and both she and my 3 year old son can ride along on my route.  I will have a chunk of time each day to take care of household tasks, doctor appointments, volunteer opportunities at school and hopefully just to catch my breath.

Since the training and certification for driving can take up to two months, I spent some time today working on listing some unused items on Craigslist.   Tomorrow I am going to go through the bags of outgrown clothing we have and get them down to the consignment store.  Hopefully within the next month or so I can bring in a little cash by re-selling and then get certified to drive the bus.

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