Monday, February 8, 2010

From Frumpy to Fab

I'm joining A Proverbs Wife in her From Frumpy to Fab challenge this week.  Today is the first day of the challenge and the task for today is to document an action plan.

My "Fabulous" Action Plan to De-Frumpify
  • Get dressed each morning after DD leaves for school - NO SWEATS
  • Style my hair and apply makeup (minimal)
  • Look through my clothes and put together 5 outfits including shoes, accessories, jewelry
  • Purge items I won't, don't or can't wear
  • List a few items that would round out my wardrobe
  • Check Goodwill, the consignment store and Kohl's (have a 15% coupon) for new stuff
  • Wash and moisturize my face each night before bed
So far this morning I'm off to a good start.    My hair is styled, makeup is on and I have a new sweater and vest to wear today.   I'm going to the bus company to apply for a job so I chose a pulled together casual look.

Check back here for more updates on From Frumpy to Fab and if you want to join the challenge pop over to A Proverbs Wife.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dawn...

    I'm so glad you joined me and I'm glad that you met the challenge today. Your plan sounds great and it seems we are both off to a great start.

    I will post a video of my progress today and throughout the week. Hopefully the video will keep us all motivated. Don't froget to come back on February 16th to link up to your final post.