Friday, February 5, 2010

Grocery Savings this Week

I shopped twice this week. On Sunday I hit Stop and Shop for loss leader and sales items. I stuck to my list and used coupons. Some of the deals I got at Stop and Shop include:

- Hellman’s Mayo – $2.99 each plus .75 and .60 coupons doubled (purchased 2)
- Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta - $1/box
- Starkist Tuna - $1.00/5oz
- Chicken Leg Quarters - .79/lb
- Pork Spareribs – $1.99/lb
- Italian Sasuage – $1.99/lb

My total before savings came to $77.98. My savings including Rewards Card Savings and Manufacturers Coupons was $30.02. Total Spending at Stop & Shop was $47.96

My trip to Shaw’s was quite a big lengthier and more expensive. In addition to sales and loss leaders items I had a large list of needed items to replenish the pantry with. I find that Shaw’s tends to be slightly less expensive than the Stop and Shop. Some of the deals I got at Shaw’s include:

- Cantaloupe - $1.49
- Mushroom - $1.00/8oz
- Yellow Onions - $1.00/2lbs
- Brocoli Slaw - $1.00/10oz
- Radishes - $1.00/10oz
- Ground Turkey - $2.29 for 1.25lbs (Marked down – grabbed 2 packages)
- Boneless Chicken Breast – $1.88/lb
- Pork Cutlets - $1.88/lb
- Land O Lakes Deli Cheese - $4.99/lb
- Sara Lee Deli Ham – $6.99/lb
- Java Delight Coffee - $4.99/12oz (Coupon $1.00 off two bags)
- Bertoli Olive Oil - $5.99 ($1.00 off coupon)

I had quite a few coupons at Shaw’s including a $15.00 off any purchase of $150 or greater. Also they had a Quaker promotion – all items were $1.99 and if you purchased 5 items you got an additional $3.00 off. We returned $3.90 in bottles and cans so that amount also came off my total. My total purchase before savings and bottle returns was $267.87.  Shaw's also has a gas reward program and based on my spending the next time I pump up at Gulf or Irving I save .30 cents a gallon.   After the $3.90 in bottle returns I saved $116.93 in Rewards Card and Coupon Savings. Total Spending at Shaw’s was $147.04

I originally set my grocery budget for $200 this month. I’ve already spent $195.00. I won’t be shopping again except for milk and fresh produce so I’m going to have to bump my budget up to $225. I can probably maximize that by making my last trip of the month to Aldi.

Hope you were able to do some frugal shopping this week.   If you grabbed any great deals or coupons share them in the comments.

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