Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

It's Monday morning and my husband has finallly gone back to work after being out for over two months.   Initially for our vacation to Florida, then to stay with his mom in hospice and after that to recover from a broken hand.  So it's just me and the boy today after my daughter heads out to school.  Yes that is a bit of glee that you hear in my voice.....shhhh.....

Today I'm going to spend the morning getting organized and listing all the things that I need to catch up on:

  • Finances - Balance checking account, pay bills, prepare February budget worksheet
  • Inventory freezer, fridge and pantry
  • Menu Plan - Pantry Challenge
  • Pack up the things that my father in law couldn't fit in his suitcase and ship them to him
  • Start thank you notes for holiday gifts and for the support during my mother in law's illness and death
  • Laundry!!!
  • Blog Post Ideas
It's going to be a rainy windy day today and we're going to stay home today.  Hopefully I can put a good dent in my list.  I'll pop back in later with a status.   Have a great Monday! 

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