Thursday, January 28, 2010

Links I Liked

Here are a few interesting blog posts I've found over the past week.   Check them out!

Hillary, monthly contributor to Steady Mom, shares 8 Lessons She Has Learned from her 2 Year Old. Her post reminded me that we can learn a lot from these little people in our lives

Jami from An Oregon Cottage has a great instructional post on cutting up whole chicken. It includes photos. For those that are vegetarians or meat phobics maybe skip this post and check out the rest of her site instead.

Molly at Econobusters publishes a Monthly Money-Saving Digest that looks rather interesting. The publication is available as a download for $4.95. Check out this link for more details on the February issue.

Drop me a comment if there are any blogs you recommend I check out - especially your own!   Have a great day.


  1. Thanks, Dawn for featuring me! I'm glad you found the chicken post helpful (I did kinda wonder about it after looking at the pictures.=)

  2. I thought the chicken post was very good. But I know in my early days in the kitchen I couldn't have handled it - my opinion it takes some time cooking and motherhood to handles lifes 'grosser' tasks!