Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tasks for Tuesday

The crazy rain and wind has subsided and we're looking at a day of sunshine and near 60 degree temperatures.   Which means.....LAUNDRY!!!    I have one load ready for the line and will throwing another in shortly.  Hoping also to accomplish the following tasks today:

Drop off signed taxes (refund due yaaaayyy!!!)
Pick up birthday gift for neighbor boy
Did I say laundry? - yes more laundry
Bring some outgrown clothes to Goodwill
Get my boy outside to ride bikes, play in the yard, etc
Oh yeah...and more laundry

I've been pushing around the need to put together a weekly schedule for myself and the family.   I would like to take some time today to get some ideas onto paper and research some printable forms that I can use.  I'll see where I get and hopefully be able to share with you my results as well as some good links.


  1. Hello fellow laundry queen - I did SEVEN loads yesterday and one this morning. Yikes. If you're looking for some good "family management" forms, check out the Life As Mom site. She has some great ideas for a planner with some forms to download for free, as well:

  2. Thanks - I really need some help in the 'family management' department. My old Franklin planner doesn't work for this new world - lol!